Pornofunk Double-Split Serie DELUXE BOX


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7″ Vinyl

The full Double-Split Serie in a special box with a signed poster and all the rare stickers.

Pornofunk Double-Split n.1 Higher Edition
il Torsolo X Sonnyjim – Himalaya Gold + Instrumental
Truskull X Vic Spencer – Snake Skin Suede Socks + Instrumental

Pornofunk Double-Split n.2 Dump Gawd Edition
il Torsolo X Tha God Fahim – Summoned Skull + Instrumental
Vizio X Kungg Fuu – Keep The Heater + Instrumental

Pornofunk Double-Split n.3 Divino Edition
il Torsolo X Al Divino – Solo + Instrumental
Bigga X Estee Nack – Wheretheressmoketheresfire + Instrumental


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